Introduction: Homemade Fuses

Do not use strike anywhere matches

Step 1: Materials

Screwdriver of any kind Matches Tissue paper Scissors Pliers

Step 2: Crush Match Heads

This step is best with a mortar and pestle, unfortunately I don't have access to one right now. First crush the match heads into a powder known as armstrongs powder.Then put the powder in the tissue paper and grind to a fine dust with the back of the screw driver. If you have a mortar and pestal do this out side of the paper and then put into the tissue paper.

Step 3:

Step 4: Finish

Roll the paper up and twist the sides of the paper make sure the matches are a fine powder.snip the ends off leaving a little bit on and light


I am not responsible for the damage or injury of anyone or thing. Attempt at your own risk and under adult supervision.