Homemade TRX Straps and Gymnastic Rings




Introduction: Homemade TRX Straps and Gymnastic Rings

I'm always looking for new exercises and workouts that I can use in my routine. TRX suspension training is the new craze hitting the fitness world right now, so I decided I needed to add it to my schedule. Instead of buying the expensive brand name straps I decided it would be cheaper to just find something I had laying around that would work just as well. Tie down straps commonly used in the back of trucks worked perfectly!! I just bored 2 holes about 20 inches apart in the wooden crossbeam in my basement ceiling and looped the straps through the holes to hang them. The straps can obviously be adjusted longer or shorter depending on the exercise you want to do. I have been using them a lot at the length in the pictures to double as gymnastic rings too, which is an incredible muscle building workout. If TRX is more your style though, I would take a look at        http://jasonferruggia.com/trx-exercises/        its a sweet website that shows you tons of videos all on one page of how to do different TRX exercises. If you're trying to put on muscle and have great definition, I definitely recommend trying this style workout!!! Have fun and get big (:

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    nice job, looks like our starting to get there on your cross, I haven't worked mine in some time, but I used to have it.

    Heres me a few months ago. This was a few months after I quit gymnastics so I couldn't do it aslong as I used to be able to.



    10 years ago on Introduction

    ummm..what are those lumps on your back? i think you need to see a doctor...NOW