Introduction: Homemade Ice

ABOUT: This recipe has been passed down in my family for generations. It's great for every occasion and is super easy to make!

ESTIMATED TIME: 4:36:23.85

YIELDS: 16 Servings

BENEFITS: Never Expires; Keto Friendly; Gluten Free; Sugar Free; Low Carb; No Calories; Natural; Vegan; Dairy Free

Step 1: What You Will Need

  1. Water (tap is fine but bottled is preferred)
  2. Garnish (optional)
  3. Ice Tray
  4. Mixing Bowl
  5. Measuring Cup
  6. Whisk
  7. Plastic Wrap
  8. Plate
  9. Spreader
  10. Hammer

Step 2:

Pour 14 ounces of water (use a measuring cup to be precise) into a mixing bowl.

Step 3:

Mix well with whisk; there shouldn't be any lumps.

Step 4:

Cover with plastic wrap and let sit for 5-10 minutes (this activates the hydrogen and oxygen).

Step 5:

Uncover and pour mixture evenly into the slots of a clean, empty ice tray; fill to the top.

Step 6:

Smooth the edges with a spreader.

Step 7:

Carefully place tray in freezer making sure it is level (I recommend using a leveler just to be safe).

Step 8:

Close freezer doors and let sit for 4 hours.

Step 9:

Remove the tray.

Step 10:

To loosen the cubes, beat repeatedly with a hammer.

Step 11:

Arrange cubes on a plate.

Step 12:

Garnish (optional) and enjoy!

NOTE: Must be served immediately; Leftovers can be refrozen and stored indefinitely