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Today I am making a simple egg incubator which is easy to make and doesn't need much any complex parts ,incubator is a machine which maintain the temperature and humidity and when we put the eggs in it will hatch the eggs just like a chicken would or any other bird.

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Step 1: Things We Need

1x thermocole box 20 liter

1x Bulb holder

1x 100 watt halogen bulb

1x 12v Digital Thermostat

1x 12v Fan

1x 12v Adaptor

3x Zipties

1x Disposable plastic bowls

1x 7 feet electrical wire

Step 2: Making Ventilation and Exhaust

Make holes in 7 inches 3 times vertically by 1 inches apart on both sides and on the lid the holes must be half of pencil size

Step 3: Wiring It Up

Wire the bulb holder and plug then take a 6 inches length from holder side and cut the one wire from there and take a 10 inches wire and connect it there it will go in the thermostat relay switch KO and K1.

Connect both fan and thermostat to 12v adaptor.

Step 4: Attaching the Parts

Attach the bulb holder inside the box and secure it with zip tie and also attach the fan ,the fan must be facing toward the bulb so it blows the air on it.

Put the thermostat on outside front box make 3 holes for wires and glue it with hot glue, insert the 12v power and bulb relay wire in to the thermostat.

Stick the sensor on the upper side with masking tape over the other side of the bulb where the eggs will be put.

Step 5: Observation Window

Cut out 3 inches diameter hole in the lid and glue the disposable plastic bowl cap over it.

Step 6: Finishing Steps

Put a cotton cloth inside the box and put eggs on it,also put water in a plastic bowl under the bulb so it will be warm and make humidity.

Temperature is set to 37.5 and difference is 0.5 and humidity should be between 55% to 60%

Need to turn the eggs 2 to 3 times per day ,mark the eggs with 0 and X on both sides so it will be easy to fully turn it next time.

If you want to see it in details please watch the video.

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Step 7:

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