Homemade Jigsaw Table

Introduction: Homemade Jigsaw Table

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Hi and welcome all to my first instructables upload.\

Recently i made a Jigsaw table wich i want to use for smal decoration projects.

I started this project with an old Black & Decker jigsaw. It does not matter wich one or brand you use. most jigsaws are good enough.

For this project you don't need a lot. Just a piece of 3/4" plywood in the size that is perfect for your projects. My plywood sheet is 20 x 20 inch for example. For the legs i used four pieces of 2x3" pine wood. and four pieces of 3/4" plywood. With this i made both legs. screwed and glued together.

Step 1:

Meassuring the top sheet. Measure the size of the jigsaw plate. And calculate it and mark it on the 3/4"plywood sheet. Drill a hole on the spot where the blade is coming trough. Drill four holes in the jigsaw plate and screw it tight on the 3/4 sheet of plywood. Make sure you lined up well.

step 2.

Making the legs. As described before i used four pieces of plywood for this and four pieces of pinewood. screw and glue it together creating a square. screw both legs under the topsheet.

step 3.

making it you own. I decided to give the topsheet a nice finish with stain. i choose the colour Mahogany. i stained it twice for a good deep colour.

Basicly it is that simple. took me about 30 minutes to make this one. Since the build i have used it a couple of times. It works above expectations. very presize. I hope you guys and girls think my first instructable is usefull.

For now mery christmass and till next time!

-Dutch Shed Woodshop-

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    Clever idea. I have seen this with routers but not jigsaws. I am going to have to try this.

    Dutch shed woodshop
    Dutch shed woodshop

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you! It won't take a lot of time to make one. And the size is variable depending on what you would like to make. My table is 20x20 inches. You can make it smaller if you like. Let me know when you finisehed yours. Always interested in others projects.