Introduction: Homemade Jigsaw Table

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Hi and welcome all to my first instructables upload.\

Recently i made a Jigsaw table wich i want to use for smal decoration projects.

I started this project with an old Black & Decker jigsaw. It does not matter wich one or brand you use. most jigsaws are good enough.

For this project you don't need a lot. Just a piece of 3/4" plywood in the size that is perfect for your projects. My plywood sheet is 20 x 20 inch for example. For the legs i used four pieces of 2x3" pine wood. and four pieces of 3/4" plywood. With this i made both legs. screwed and glued together.

Step 1:

Meassuring the top sheet. Measure the size of the jigsaw plate. And calculate it and mark it on the 3/4"plywood sheet. Drill a hole on the spot where the blade is coming trough. Drill four holes in the jigsaw plate and screw it tight on the 3/4 sheet of plywood. Make sure you lined up well.

step 2.

Making the legs. As described before i used four pieces of plywood for this and four pieces of pinewood. screw and glue it together creating a square. screw both legs under the topsheet.

step 3.

making it you own. I decided to give the topsheet a nice finish with stain. i choose the colour Mahogany. i stained it twice for a good deep colour.

Basicly it is that simple. took me about 30 minutes to make this one. Since the build i have used it a couple of times. It works above expectations. very presize. I hope you guys and girls think my first instructable is usefull.

For now mery christmass and till next time!

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