Introduction: Homemade Kitchen Cabinet Door Organizers

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Here is a easy way to save space in your kitchen cabinets.Its a great way to organize.

Step 1: Side Boards

Step 1 *  I purchased  a 1x6x8 pine board .  I measured and cut two  pieces 20 inches long.

Step 2 *  Measured and ripped both boards 4 inches wide on the table saw.

Step 2: Marking for Dowel Holes

Step 1 * Measure up from the bottom of both boards 5/8  of a inch .

Step 2 * measure in  3/4 of a inch  on each side  of the board .

Step 3 * Next measure up 9 1/4  inches from the bottom. Measure  in 3/4 of a inch  from each side of the board . These marks  are for the two dowels for the second tier.

Step 4* measure up 5 inches from the bottom of the board  and 5/8 in from from one edge of the board. 

Step 5 *  Next measure up from the bottom of the board  14 inches and then 3/4  of a inch in from the  edge.

Step 3: Drilling Dowel Pin Holes

Step 1*  I  used  a 3/8  spade bit to drill the 12 holes in the boards

Step2* I used a round over bit in my router to round both edges of the boards.

Step 4: Installing the Dowels

Step1*  I used  3/8 dowels for the job.
Step 2*  measure  and cut  6 pieces  14 inches long.
 Step 3* Fit the dowels in each hole of one board . Make sure there flush with the outside edge.
Step 4* Pre drill a hole on the outside edge  of each hole with a 1/8 inch drill bit.
Step 5* Use # 6 finish hails to hold the dowels in place.

Step 5: Installing to the Door

Step 1 *  I used four 1 inch by 1 inch  angle brackets .

Step2* I measured down 4 inches from the top and 4 inches up from the bottom.

Step3* I installed the brackets flush to the outside edge .

 Step 4 *  finished........

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