Homemade Knife

Introduction: Homemade Knife

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Tools: Angle grinder Assortment of files Hacksaw Vice or clam Safety gloves Safety goggles Materials: 2in metal flat bar Paracord All of this can be found at your local hardware store. I purchased everything from either Home Depot or Lowes

Step 2: Designing the Blade

I'm making two different blades but I drew them symmetrical to each other to make sure one knife wasn't too big and the other wasn't to small. I also want to make sure I use as much metal as possible and don't waste any.

Step 3: Rough Cutting

I used the hacksaw to cut off the rough pieces and to cut it in half. Now I'm gonna just work on one of these knives and show you the finished product of both at the end.

Step 4: Grinding

Step 5: The Blade

Step 6: Shining It Up

Step 7: Wrap the Handle

I used paracord. If you decide to use paracord make sure you take the center sting out also known as gutting the paracord. I used glue to keep the paracord in place. • • • I still need to do some shining to get the scratches out but other than that, I'm about finished.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    you need to harden and temper it for it to work as a real knife.


    9 years ago

    This is cool i know you can get about the same effect with a butter knife and a file/grinder but this is probably better quality