Introduction: Homemade Knife

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this is my second knife, i did it at school in my free periods, so i hope you all like it

Step 1: Making Old Tool Soft for Shaping

at first, put your old tool inside an oven (900degree celsius). after the tool is all colour red, take it off from the oven and let it become cold inside of a bowl full of sand. this way of cooling is slower than atmosphere cooling, so the tool become soft again before shaping.

Step 2: Start Shaping

start shaping your knife by the shape you want. in my knife at first i drawed into paper and sticked into with some tape. by this way i took a rotatory tool with a disc of stone and shape it.

Step 3: Finishing Grip and Starting With Sharp

Step 4: Temple

in this step , return the steel in the oven and let it become warm until 1200degree celcius, when its all red, let it cool in oil. now it has become hard again . before temple drill grip holes

Step 5: Pulish

take a paper sand and start pulishing the sharp because in temple has become rough

Step 6: Stick Grip

stick the grip using epoxy and start sandering it with sandpaper until its has de shape you want to.

Step 7: Pop Grip

pop the grip with a hammer

Step 8: Time to Eat

sorry if the text of steps has gramatical mistakes. i am from argentina and techinal stuff becames difficult to write. this was my second knife and my teacher of workshop in school guided me in a few steps of this process. thanks to everybody, this is my first post and its cool to be a member of this think-smart community. the future is in our hands i hope

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