Introduction: Homemade LED Fidget Spinner

Turn your trendy fidget spinner into something even more ADHD-inducing by adding LEDs.

You could buy one off Amazon, or you could make one yourself, which is always more rewarding. You can also swap out the LEDs for different-colored ones when you like!

Step 1: Spinner - Scissors - Batteries - LEDs - Tape

If you already have a fidget spinner and some stray LEDs, simply purchase a four-pack of 3V coin batteries. Everything else is something a common household may already own: tape and scissors.

Start by taking the coin batteries out of their pack.

Step 2: Test the LEDs

Test the LEDs to see if they light up with the batteries. When they do, tape them together. As you can see, I lined up the battery with the node to see where to align the LED and the hole.

Step 3: Tape the Circuit Onto the Spinner Node

This step's simple enough: tape the LED onto the battery, then take the circular circuit and place it atop one of the three nodes of the spinner. What I did was bend the LED to make the bulb go through the hole.

Step 4: Add More LEDs

You can get a decent hoop of light from spinning with one LED. Or you can go bigger and pop LEDs into the remaining two nodes.

Step 5: Voila!

Three LEDs in a fidget spinner? Awesome. Look at that. Looks just like the alien spaceship from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Step 6: Glow Stick for Millennials

And there you have it. A homemade way to zazz up the trendiest new toy for ADHD-addled millennials. Bring these to the next music festival you fly off to. If it's a spectacular disaster like Fyre Festival, you can at least occupy yourself with this neat little doohickey!