Introduction: Homemade Leather Quiver

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Hey friends online! Today I'm going to show everyone how to make a simple rawhide/leather quiver. I truly love working with leather and making things for people so i would very much appreciate your votes for the leather contest.

Step 1: Materials

Leather Hole Puncher

Thread/Sinnew (for leather)

String/Twine (for rawhide)


3 feet by 11 inches of leather (depending on what size you want)

9 inches by 25 inches of raw hide

Step 2: Plans for Cutting

My quiver was 22 inches long, 8 inches at the bottom and 9 inches at the top, if you measure this out you can cut out a long trapezoid shape that you can wrap up something similar to a very long cone with the tip cut off. Use these dimensions for the rawhide. for the for the leather make the width 8.25 (bottom length) and 9.25 (top length) or however much longer to make it tight around the rawhide (leather thickness can effect this measurement) and if you want a lip add a few inches to the length of leather that you cut. The bottom is about 2.55 inches diameter for the rawhide and 2.75 for the leather. The shoulder strap is 2 inches wide and 3 feet long out of leather (adjust length and width for your size and comfort) I fit it so that I could put it across my chest comfortably. (time will wear on the leather and it may shrink or stretch)

Step 3: Sewing/threading Together.

The rawhide is incredibly difficult to punch a needle through. So to save pain, anger and time i used a leather hole puncher and simply fed the "twine" through all the way along the two edges pulling it tight to make a cylinder/cone shape. once i got the the bottom i punched holes around the edges of the circle bottom and punched holes parallel on the rolled up rawhide and threaded the string the same way before tying it off. For the leather I sewed it inside out the same way (only difference being i used the needle this time) and then flipped it right side out to give it a nice look. as for the strap i simply sewed it onto the leather part of the quiver in a box pattern to give it extra support.

Step 4: Installing the Strap

i made two horizontal slices into the rawhide and slipped the strap through both and then wrapped it back around against the leather to make sure it would not slip (there are several different ways to do this)

Step 5: Putting It Together

Once you have everything all sewed up i simply slipped the leather cover over the rawhide (it was nice and snug) and slipped it all the way up and over the where the strap attaches to the rawhide part of the quiver.

Step 6: The End

Last step is get some arrows and a bow! Hope you enjoy making your quiver out of simple tools and have fun!

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