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Introduction: Homemade Lightsaber

My homemade lightsaber's goal is to be the cheapest, most realistic lightsaber that you can make at home. I was given a project called the Genius project. You could make anything you wanted! At the time I had just watched the new star wars movie and thought why not make a lightsaber.

Step 1: Collect Your Materials

First you will need to get all of your supplies for this project.

1) At least a 10 inch pvc pipe with a radius of 1.25,

2) Polycarbonate that is 24 inches long with a radius of 0.75,

3) Blue and silver duct tape

4) LED Christmas lights attached to a battery pack

5) Silver reflective spray paint

6) Clear scotch tape

7) Hacksaw

8) Ruler

9) Sharpie

Step 2: Measure and Cut Your Pvc Pipe

The pvc pipe is for the handle of the lightsaber. We couldn't find a pvc pipe that was exactly 10 inches so we had to cut it with a hack saw. Use your ruler to measure the ten inches, mark it with the sharpie, and than carefully cut the pipe outdoors. Than clean up the mess outside with a broom.

Step 3: Wrap Duct Tape Around the Bottom of the Tube

The polycarbonate tube is meant for the saber in the lightsaber. Take the polycarbonate tube and wrap the duct tape around the bottom of it. This creates a bigger radius creating more friction when you connect the handle and the saber. It took me a few times to wrap it around. BE CAREFULL make sure you do not put to much duct tape on it is very difficult to get off when you have put it on the polycarbonate. You do not want to end up cutting the tube because you can not get the tap off.

Step 4: Connect the Saber to the Handle

Take the polycarbonate tube and slide it in slowly to the pvc pipe. While you are doing this twist slowly to the right each time you push in. This makes sure it will never fall out. Once you have completed this make sure it is fully intact and will not come out. Practice a few baseball swings to show how strong the duct tape hold is.

Step 5: Slide the LED Christmas Lights Into the Lightsaber

Grab your LED Christmas lights and carefully stick them through the lightsaber from the bottom of the handle to the top of saber. Then there should be extra lights hanging out the end of the saber. Take the extra lights and slide them back down the other direction. This will create less dead space in the lightsaber and make it more bright. I found a long straight stick outside. If you find it difficult to slide the lights throughout the lightsaber use something like that to make it easier.

Step 6: Tape the LED Christmas Lights

Use clear scotch tape to tape the lights to the top of the polycarbonate tube. This way the lights will never slide down and no one will notice the tape. Make sure you use enough tape, you never want it to fall off because it will be hard to get the lights if they fall down to the middle of the tube.

Step 7: Spray Paint the Handle

Use your reflective silver spray paint and spray it on the handle to make it look like a real lightsaber. Lay out grocerie bags on your grass. The duct tape the part of the polycarbonate tube near the handle. We do this because we do not want the silver paint to cover up the lights inside. Then you spray once you are done putting the tape on. After you have sprayed it, wait fifteen minutes and your handle will be ready. Than clean up your paper bags and make sure there is no remains on the grass.

Step 8: Duct Tape the Batter Pack to the Handle

Take your silver duct tape and wrap it around the battery pack onto the bottom of the handle. Make sure to cover up the black pack so it matches the color of the handle. DO NOT cover up the button then you will not be able to turn the light saber on and off. Than check over your light saber one more time to make sure there are no bugs. You did it your lightsaber is finished!

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    SkeletonKeys --
    SkeletonKeys --

    4 years ago

    You could also use a small flashlight inside of the pvc pipe and put reflective tape or tinfoil at the top


    4 years ago

    Hey jack

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    The lights look a lot better than most of the commercial light sabers.