Introduction: Homemade Mobile Phone Charging Treasure Tutorial

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I believe that many small partners are heavy users of mobile phones. In order to prevent the sudden loss of power of the mobile phone, it is necessary to prepare a mobile phone charging treasure for yourself! Share a device that can charge the phone with the 5th battery, even if the power is off, don't be afraid, let's see how to do it.

Step 1: Prepare Materials

Need to prepare battery box, voltage regulator, USB charging cable, fifth battery, and welding torch.

Step 2: Cut the Charging Cable

Cut off one end of the charging cable (not the one that connects to the phone) and remove the wires.

Step 3: Remove the Protective Cover

Use a tool to remove the protective sleeve from the outside of the wire.

Step 4: Welding

Take out the regulator and the battery case, solder the red wire of the battery case to one of the positive terminals on the left and right sides of the regulator, and the black is soldered to the negative electrode in the middle.

Step 5: Other Welding

The black wire of the USB is also soldered to the middle-end, and the red wire is soldered to the remaining end.

Step 6: The Bottom of the Battery Compartment.

Stick the regulator to the bottom of the battery compartment.

Step 7: Battery Charging Treasure Is Complete

With the 5th battery installed and the USB interface connected to the mobile phone, you can easily charge the mobile phone.