Introduction: Homemade Mucho Burritos

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These Burritos are excellent for any meal! I'd never had them before in my life until my sister in law took me to the Mucho Burrito restaurant a few years ago. I fell in love with them immediately! So I've made them ever since, trying out all sorts of different flavors. They are quick and easy to make and a great lunch to make for any visitors. I hope you like them!

Step 1: Ingredients

Flour or corn tortillas

Sliced pork, beef, shrimp or chicken

One can pork an` beans or refried beans

Chopped lettuce

Chopped cilantro

Copped green onions

Diced tomatoes

Chopped white mushrooms (optional)

Salt and pepper

A few drops franks hot sauce, if you like spice

Sour cream

Step 2: Meat

Slice or shred whatever meat you are using and put a little bit on each tortilla. You can only put a limited amount of everything on your tortillas, otherwise you won`t be able to close them.

Step 3: Vegetables

Now add the tomatoes next, and then the cilantro, mushrooms and green onions.

Next put at least three spoonfuls pork an` beans on top, or two spoonfuls refried beans, depending on your taste.

And now lastly, add the lettuce, cheese, sour cream, salt and pepper and hot sauce.

Step 4: Rolling `em Up

Now roll them up! Fold the sides in first, then roll them the rest of the way. Just make sure the sides are in tight, otherwise it will leak when you eat them, or worse, pop open.

Step 5: Heating

And now finally, roll them up tin foil and stick them in the oven on medium heat for five minutes until the cheese is melted. And if you like everything to be cooked a bit, about ten minutes.

And that`s it! Eat and enjoy. Don`t be afraid to experiment with many different flavors, salsa tastes good too.

I hope you liked this instructable, any questions appreciated.

Happy eating!

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