Introduction: Homemade Natural Deodorant

Picking out natural products in general can be a pain,while shopping for hygiene products. I noticed the little to no options for deodorants that are paraben/aluminum free. Finding a natural deodorant can be like finding the perfect leave in conditioner, impossible! I decided to do some research, within the research I came up with easy to find materials to make your own deodorant in your own kitchen. Your deodorant can be altered to your liking with the different essential oils available. Below are the instructions to get started with your own homemade deodorant!

*Please be aware of any nut allergy


1.Shea Butter

2. Coconut oil

3.Baking soda

4.Your favorite essential oil

5. Small recycled glass container

Step 1: Assemble Your Products!

1. Measure out your 3 Teaspoon of Coconut oil, ¼ of a cup of Shea Butter, and 1 Teaspoon of Baking Soda

Step 2: All Together!

2. Add all the ingredients to the glass container

Step 3: Whip It!

3. Mix until smooth

Step 4: Oil Drops

5. Add your choice of essential oil (approximately 6 drops)

Step 5: Finished Product

*Pour your finishing product into your recycled container, to prevent from melting store in the refrigerator!

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