Introduction: Homemade Notepad From Things Found Around the House

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This idea came to me in the classroom when every one was drawing and i did'nt have any thing to draw on so i came up with the idea of this .Lets begin this instructable is a fun thing to make a nd its also perculiar idea its thinking out side the box.


2 pieces of 10 inches by 7 inches straw board
1 piece of 25 inches by 14 inches wallpaper
Water glue
Knife cutter
Card board paper
10 sheets of A4 paper

Step 1: Preparations for the Back Covering

Flip the wallpaper over then place it on a table while taping all its edges.Draw a vertical line all through the middle of the paper ,measure 5cm apart from both ends vertically and measure 7.5 cm apart from both ends will make two rectangles of 25cm(length) by 17.5cm(breadth) measurement shade inside the rectangles.

Step 2: Placing the Boards

Take one of the straw board then rub some glue on the back before placing it on the shaded portion then take a piece of paper then spread the glue from one side to the other do thesame for the second one .flip it over then rub your hands against the body from one end to the other to remove the air inside it if not it can cause lumps.

Step 3: Wraping the Straw Boards

Firstly flip it over again the apply glue on the other spaces.Then wrap it as if you where wrapping your note book .Then it will look like this.

Step 4: Making the Stencil for the Letters

First you need to know the letters you will need .you will need"N O T P A D'' measure 1cm continously in a vertical line and also in an horizontal line join the lines together from one end to the other horizontally and vertically(top to bottom,side to side).The length of each letters is 5 boxes & the breadth of each letter is the space of one row of the boxes.

Step 5: Cutting Out the Letters From the Stencil

Cut the letters out .you can use one colour to design your letters or more letters you can even use a checker board design it all depends on your imagination. Now apply glue on the back of the letters then put it on the book.

Step 6: Layering the Pages

Take an A4 paper turn it to land scape view then apply glue all over the back then paste it inside the book.Take at least ten A4 papers then fold them into halves then apply glue on the folds then put the papers on top each other then set it out to dry when its dried glue it all to the book by applying glue the fold then puting it in the middle of the back .When it all dries tou can add some stickers to the front of the book .I hope you leadnt some thing that you don't need to buy every thing because you are capable of making things your self.

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