Introduction: Homemade Oil/Air Pump From Car Parts

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This is a homemade Oil/aAir pump I originally made for my foundry to pump oil but then later just use it to air up my tires around the house.
It work great and airs tires up very quick and it's not loud at all.
I just used an old ac pump off a truck I scrapped and a 3/4 motor I had also off an old furnace.
I had a metal box that was a printer switch box and some cheap parts from radio shack.
Now I used my homemade plasma cutter and cut the top off an old air compressor to use as a plateform but you can just use a 2x6 or 2x12 or just any kind of wood you want according to your scrape pile.
I welded to my base but if you use wood just use some bolts and washers.
Hope you enjoy and have fun.
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Step 1: Instructions and Parts Needed

Here are your parts your gonna need and how I done it.
I also through in a couple of pictures I made before I built it to give me an idea of how I was to do it.
This is a Word document file with instructions and parts needed.

Step 2: 12 Volt Clutch Supply

Here is a pictorial schematic of how I wired the 12 volt Clutch supply.
You can get all these parts from radio shack or some old electronic equipment like an old treadmill.

Step 3: Finnish Up and View

Here you can use my pictures to see how I made my brackets.
They are very clear and easy to see how I made mine and you wont have any trouble.
I put all pictures and info in this step so you wont have to keep flipping back and fourth to study everything.
So it's all here for ya.
Have fun and enjoy.

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