Introduction: Homemade Paper Mache Clay!

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Homemade Paper Mache Clay!
Versatile and easy to make anything you can think of!

Lightweight and easy to use...air dries hard.
This clay is great for anything you would do with paper mache!

Step 1: Supplies!

It's easy to make and lightweight!


1 roll of toilet paper (cheap 2 ply stuff)
3/4 Cup of Elmers glue
1 Cup Joint Compound
3/4 Cup Flour  (I used 1 Cup of flour to compensate for the high humidity)

Step 2: Toilet Paper Pulp!

Take your toilet paper and put it in a large bowl.
Pour 4-6 cups of warm water right over the top of it!
(this is the funnest part!)
Now it's a cinch to remove the cardboard tube.
Now, pick up roll and squeeze!
Ring out all the water you can possibly squeeze out.
I set down the camera and used both hands.  :)

Now break the toilet paper into chunks.
As small as pieces as you have the patience for!
Until you have chunked it all.

Step 3: Make the Clay!

Now add the toilet paper, flour, glue and
joint compound into your mixer bowl.  Mix!
It will stick and form a very fibrous paper clay!
You can store it in an airtight container for a week...
Or, start making things right away!

Step 4: Use the Clay to Make Bowls!

I took a small dish and some plastic wrap
and wrapped the bottom of the dish...
Then covered it with paper mache clay.

And then covered the clay with cling wrap...and
put them in a slightly larger bowl to dry.

I let them air dry completely...a couple of days.
Then I removed the plastic wrap and spray painted on bright metallic gold!
Perfect for decor!
Filled with Coffee Filter Flowers or Fun Polished Rocks!
Totally fun and modern!
They look awesome stacked!

Step 5: Add Paper Doilies!

I tried adding some paper doilies!

I rolled out the clay into a thin sheet.
(to roll out the sticky clay...lay a ball on a piece of plastic wrap,
then cover the ball with a piece of plastic wrap.
Use a rolling pin right on top of the plastic...
The moisture absorbed right into the doily...making the perfect bond!
Lift the plastic wrap and paper mache into a bowl
and press the clay down inside it.

Trim around the edges and let it dry!
After drying I gave it a coat of shiny metallic gold spray paint!

Use it for a faux planter...I wouldn't put plants that need water in it...
I'm sure it would disintegrate.
But it's perfect with these fake succulents and fabulous rocks!

Step 6: Pendants!


Get a rubber this Damask print...
Press out some clay...
Press the stamp into the paper mache clay...and gently peel it off the stamp.
Like so!
I used a cookie cutter to get a nice round shape.
The paper fibers make precision a little bit difficult, but no worries.
Add a hole in the top with a straw...
And let it dry.
(It's already humid here, so it can take a while to dry)

Now Paint!
After they dried,
I gave each pendant a quick coat of spray paint.
After drying, I added daubs of color.
After daubing lots of color, I used a
damp cloth to blot off the excess paint.
So they are subtle...nearly tie dyed.
Kind of hippie feeling with the paper fibers and bright colors!
Great for gifts!
Spray on a little shiny top coat to finish them off.

Step 7: Figures!

Figurines, animals or puppets!
Take some foil...
And mold it into the form of your desired product.
I picked a bird.  Easy.
Make it a tad smaller than you want the final thing...
since the paper mache clay will add to the bulk of it.
Add a thin layer of clay onto the form.
Until covered...Then let it dry and paint it!
Painted yellow for the perfect touch!

Step 8: Easter Egg Tray!

Make an Easter Egg tray!
I started with a ceramic tray...but you could use a
cardboard or Styrofoam one.
And some foil...Press the foil in all the places tight.
Then add a thin layer of clay over all of it.
I used an egg to smooth out the inside...and then
found a spoon worked just as well.

I only did half of it...because I ran out of clay.
Then I baked it in the oven at 250* for 1 hour.
Then removed the foil and baked it again for about an hour.

I spray painted it pink!
Great for Easter and decor...I love this rough paper fiber edge!
Perfect for colorful eggs!

Step 9: Enjoy!

Use your Paper Mache Clay for anything your mind can imagine!
It's the second best use for toilet paper in the world!
So...with one batch of clay I made an egg tray, 3 bowls, 6 pendants and a bird...
with just a one inch square leftover!

Cover a balloon and make a pinata!
What will you make with your Homemade Paper Mache Clay?

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