Introduction: Homemade Parachute

Today I am going to make a homemade parachute. This is for ages ten and up because working with hot glue gun, if younger than ten make sure there is adult supervision. A homemade parachute can be made for a school project and if your bored and looking for something to do. There are very simple steps to making a homemade parachute.


  • Scissors
  • 2 Coffee filters
  • A heavy object (glue stick)
  • Cardboard
  • Utility knife
  • Hot Glue
  • String
  • Ruler
  • Hole puncher

Step 1: Making the Parachute

When making the parachute you first stack the coffee filters, then you want to use the hole puncher ad puncher four holes on each side of the filter.

Note: Be very careful when taking out the coffee filter or it will rip. This might take more than one try.

Step 2: Making the String

When making the string your going to need a ruler and measure out four 12 inch strings, make sure they are all the same size. After that tie a knot at the end of each 12 inch string.

Note: Make sure all the strings are the same size and all the knots are at the same place on the string.

Step 3: Connecting Parachute & String

When connecting the parachute and string you'll need to stick all four strings through all four holes of the parachute. Then you want to make sure they don't fall out by hot glue the knots on the string down.

Note: When using the hot glue gun be very careful because it is really hot.

Step 4: Finding a Object

There is a lot of objects that will work for this, I used a glue stick which is the perfect size. A marble, small toy, or half drunk water bottle could also work.

Note: Make sure the object is not too small and not too big.

Step 5: Final Step in the Building Process

The final step in the building process is to take the other sides of the strings and hot glue each one down to the glue stick.

Note: If under ten working with the hot glue gun may take adult supervision.

Step 6: 6 Test It!

When testing it you need a high place to drop it out of like a second floor window or a latter.

Note: The weather has to be pretty good (no wind, rain, and snow).

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