Introduction: Homemade Paracord to Go Kit

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This is a really good gift for a crafty person or yourself! You can make this really cheap and paracord bracelets aren't to hard to make. You can make this for probably a maximum of 7$ if you have the stuff free. If you use the optional stuff don't bring the optional stuff on a plane/car/bus ride and just use the other things. Also I'm not responsible if you burn something down or damage something or hurt yourself so be careful. It still makes a perfect gift and is good for a hiking,camping,fishing, or hunting trip.

Step 1: Materials

You don't need much only a few things

-small box normally for fishing with at least 4 sections I got mine for 2$ looking for some fishing lures at a sporting goods store.

- 4 or 3 (depends on if you do the optional) 7-8 foot strands of paracord you can get it and craft stores or Home Depot sells it 9 cents for a foot.

- 4 or 3 (depends on optional things) buckles for jewelry.

- (optional) a lighter or book of matches you can get matches for free of a lighter at some dollar stores. (Optional things not shown in picture)

Step 2: Wrapping the Cord Around the Buckles

You will need to take your buckles and rap the paracord around it like shown in the picture until, you have no cord left then tuck the end under one strand of the cord.

Step 3: Continue Wrapping

Continue wrapping the cord on all three of them

Step 4: Last Step!

If you do the optional it's not but if you don't it is. Take all the wrapped cords and place them into your box. Then enjoy!

Step 5: Optional Stuff

If your doing the optional things take out one of the paracord sections and insert your matches or a lighter and again optional a pair of scissors. I am not liable if you burn something down, damage something, or hurt yourself with matches so be careful.

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