Homemade Peppermint Bark




Introduction: Homemade Peppermint Bark

It doesn't have to be Christmas to enjoy some peppermint bark. My husband introduced me to peppermint bark. It's a special treat and simple to make. It's especially good when you can make it with your favorite chocolate. We like our bark thin. Feel free to make the layers as thin or as thick as you desire. This recipe can also be found at gardengirlrecipes.com.



12 ounces high quality white chocolate, broken into piece

12 ounces high quality semi-sweet chocolate, broken into pieces

¼ teaspoon peppermint extract

4-5 regular size candy canes

Step 1: Temper Semi-Sweet Chocolate

Temper the semi-sweet chocolate chips using a double boiler over just barely simmering water.

Step 2: Spread Semi-Sweet Chocolate

Line the bottom of a baking sheet or pan with parchment paper and pour the melted chocolate into the prepared baking pan, spreading with an offset spatula into a thin smooth layer. Place the baking sheet or pan in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes or the freezer for about 8 minutes; or until almost completely set.

Step 3: Crush Candy Canes

Place the candy canes in a sealed ziplock bag and roll with a rolling pin until crushed.

Step 4: Melt White Chocolate

While the semi-sweet chocolate sets, temper the white using a double boiler over just barely simmering water. Once melted, stir in ¼ teaspoon peppermint extract.

Step 5: Spread White Chocolate

Pour all of the melted white chocolate over the semi-sweet chocolate bark layer and spread into a smooth layer.

Step 6: Sprinkle Candy Canes

Sprinkle with the crushed candy canes.

Step 7: Cut Bark Into Pieces

Refrigerate the bark until completely hardened. Once hardened, remove from the pan and peel off the parchment. Break into pieces as large or as small as you want. To do so, remove from the refrigerator and allow to sit at room temperature to slightly soften for 5-10 minutes. Use a very sharp knife and cut.

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    4 years ago

    Looks great! I agree, It doesn't have to be chistmas. I've always been asking if we could just have some for a snack but my parents said no... Now I can finally eat some! Thanks!!