Introduction: Homemade Pomegranate Juice to Heal Your Heart

This home-remedy may be for you if you suffer from heart palpitations or high cholesterol (or if you want to prevent those things).

Many may have forgotten it in favour of açai or other trendier "Super Foods," but there is a reason that pomegranate was the first to reach a notable popularity on the supermarket shelves. You probably can't cross mangosteen off your grocery list easily but pomegranates are plentiful and can be touted as a cardiac cure-all.

Pomegranate juice is an amazing anti-inflammatory that has been proven to help restore carotid artery blood flow, protect against endothelial dysfunction and reduce systolic blood pressure. It also reduces the oxidation of LDL molecules, and is packed with polyphenols & flavonoids. Pomegranate juice is both a powerful antioxidant and has well-documented antibacterial properties.

Depending on the season and where you live it can sometimes be cheaper to make your own pomegranate juice from home rather than purchase it, especially if you only want a small amount.

Without sugar it may be a little tart for some but even a mouthful or two once a week will reduce your risk of heart disease. Drinking pomegranate juice can be a preventative for healthy hearts or a healing tonic for those that need an extra boost.

[If you currently suffer from a serious heart problem please consult your doctor about proper treatment - excepting any allergies, drinking pomegranate juice can only benefit your health but can not alleviate severe conditions on it's own.]

You will need:

Pomegranate Arils
Strainer / Sieve
Cheese Cloth

Step 1: Seed Pomegranates

Step 2: Blend Arils

Step 3: Strain Using Cheese Cloth

Step 4: Drink to Your Health

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