Introduction: Homemade Popsicle

As a child i loved making my own popsicles at home, so I can enjoy it with my friends at hot summer days!

In this instructable you can learn how to do it yourself in just a few minutes!


- A popsicle mold (you can find it in any supermarket) as you see in picture 1

- A cup

- Any flavor drink that you want , as you see in picture 2

Step 1: Get the Drink Ready

I chose to use Raspberry Concentrate for my popsicle, but this is the place where you can really be creative!

You can use any kind of drink that you like, Coca-Cola, Sprite, any kind of juice concentrate with water, or even if you have more time you can use a smoothie or a milkshake!!

Picture 4 - I put in my Raspberry Concentrate, I put relatively much so it will be sweet

Picture 5 - I add the water to the cup

Step 2: Put the Drink Into the Popsicle Mold

Picture 6 - I pour the drink into the popsicle mold. Make sure you don't put too much!

Picture 7 - close it up, and making sure to be careful so it won't spill.

Step 3: Put It in the Freezer

Make sure to find a straight and steady place in the freezer , so it won't spill.

Leave it there for the night and see it next time in the morning :)

Step 4: It's Done! Your Popsicle It READY!

After a night in the freezer you can take out your popsicle and ENJOY IT!

bon appetit!