Homemade Rc Airboat Explorer With Fpv

Introduction: Homemade Rc Airboat Explorer With Fpv

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Step 1: Introduction

hello, I present you my airboat.
I was looking for a way to explore the rivers without the propeller that stuck in the grass ect .... I am a fan of FPV so I have to integrate it. then to explore well I need a long range and a good quality video that I could record. I managed to do it !! and I get excited to make it evolve in any medium possible

here is how to realize it!


the material for the chassis is a 6mm foam plate and hot glue.

raw the different pieces on the plate of the measurements depends on your project but for a good stability I advise you not to exceed 40cm X 20cm, cut them cleanly with a cutter (new blade !!)
stick the pieces between her with hot glue (which also plays the role of tightness) do not hesitate to put a lot!

for fixing the engine and the governor I print (with the printer that I built myself!)
a great thing find on thingiverse.



for a good seal of the electronic system I use a box that I recovered after eating what was in it!


servo pour la direction https://www.banggood.com/fr/K-Power-P0090-9g-Micr...

transmeteur fpv https://www.banggood.com/fr/Eachine-Racer-250-Dro...

antenne https://www.banggood.com/fr/Eachine-Racer-250-Dro...

otg https://www.banggood.com/fr/Eachine-ROTG02-UVC-OT...

camera mais sans le transmeteur qui a griller !! https://www.banggood.com/fr/Eachine-TX02-Super-Mi...

batterie https://www.banggood.com/fr/ZOP-Power-7_4V-1500mA...

transmetteur (modifier en 9xr ) https://www.banggood.com/fr/Wholesale-FlySky-Upgr...

for the engine I chose model for car to be able to have a reverse
I did a test with a 2204 2300KV drone engine and it works great, but without going back)

for the governor a servo 9g does the job well.

for the command I use my flysky fs th9x to modify with companion 9X in 9XR (any radio control 2 way does the trick)

for the fpv I use a camera eachine tx02 and a transmitter 600mw taken on my old drone racer 250

for a good seal of the electronic system I use a box that I recovered after eating what was in it!

after several tests I installed counterweight weight in the back because, at full speed, it sank into the water from the front.

now it is perfect, no problem and a lot of fun !!

Step 3: Video

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