Introduction: Homemade RobotArm Whit Special Homemade Controller

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This built is a little advanced and not easy to make same because it is made from scrap
but my idea is, use a part of build or all, if have a RobotArm already you can use code. Or / And
Make simple controller with 6 potentiometer or make same as mine controller
--- this is first build so it is not beautiful and need to change some things.
--- and i am new to ardrino code

Step 1: Idea and Build

I found a photo on the internet and start building this Robot arm, i started from one end and work forward, so i not have plans of this build.
I look in my scrap and found a pice of aluminium about 0.8 mm, it is soft and lightweight and strong enough for this build
Base is from an old printer and a stepper motor because i not have a servo motor that is strong enough and want keep cost low, if possible use a servo because it is faster,
Cut and file aluminum and screw it toghter.

Step 2: Cost About 40$ Us

You can also buy a cheap RobotArm for extra 40$

Arduino uno clone
Arduino nano
Nano V3 Sensor Shield I/O Extension Board Expansion
2 pcs SG90 9G Micro Servo Motor
4 pcs MG996R Digital All Metal Gear Servo
2 pcs NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz Wireless RF Transceiver Module
2 pcs Socket Adapter plate Board for 8Pin NRF24L01+ Wireless Transceive module ( for make all 5v )
3A DC-DC Converter Adjustable Step down Power Supply Module replace LM2596 and a battery ( i use a 7.2 v battery from a rc car or a power supply from a old pc )
6 potentiometer 50K Ohm for remote control

Step 3: Controller and Wires

I think what way is easy to control a RobotArm and come up whit this design 3 pices metal and 3 pices plastic 5mm thick
In plastic i drill a 5mm hole and slowly make it bigger until it fit potentiometer, and 7mm in metal screw potentiometer on metal and put plast on
Controller is easy to wire, potentiometers to A0 - A5 and radio to 7, 8, 11, 12, 13
This design need more work but a easy way to controle the Robotarm

6 potentiometerin a row is a good way to controle the arm easy to make and it is easy to keep the arm in one place but need to think more about what you move.

RobotArm is servo connected to digital 2 - 8, base rotation is pin 8 if use servo orif use stepper motor pin 14 (A0) and pin 15 (A1) to EasyStepper board
Shoulder i use 2 servo for make it more strong, conect to pin 2 and pin 3 if only have one servo just connect to pin2 or pin3.
Pin 4 is elbow, pin 5 is hand (wrist), pin 6 is turn hand and pin 7 is claws
Radio is connected to pin 9, 10, 11, 12 ,13 look photo. I change default pin 7 and 8 to 9 and 10

Step 4: Code

I start read about the the nRF24L01 Radio and found this homepage

I use code as base for my code becorse i am new arduino programmer.

Go to homepage and read if want to understand how transmission work.

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