Introduction: Homemade Robotic Kit

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This is a basic homemade robotic kit made from hard board. This kit can be used for RC vehicles like RC car, Line Following Robot, Edge avoiding Robot etc.

Update : Please use a DC geared box since the simple 3V DC cannot put enough torque to make the robot move.

A simple line following robot project instructable will be posted soon.

Step 1: Material

Get the following material :

1. Hard Board
2. 3v DC Motors x2
3. Tyres (From any Toy as i did)

4. Caster Wheels

5. Screws

i. For caster wheel (0.5 inch)

ii. For DC motot (1.5 inch)

6. Support for joining motor with base (I used an L-bracket)

Step 2: Cutting and Assembling

The dimensions of hard board are 5 inch by 11 inch.

Cater wheel distance from front edge : 6 cm.
DC motors distance from back edge : 1.5 cm.

Use any saw to cut the hard board. Also put small piece of hard board in between the caster wheel and dc motors for strong support.
Use a marker to mark the locations of screws. Then use a drill to drill a hole smaller in diameter than the screw. Then assemble the kit as shown in image.