Introduction: Launch-it: Homemade Rocket

In this instructable I will show you how to build a rocket with materials that you probably have lying around the house, and if not they are very inexpesive to buy.

Step 1: Materials

To do this fun project you will need the following...

- 1 Estes Model Rocket Engine
- 1 Notecard
- 4 wings (mine are made out of the cver to an old notebook)
- 1 Bottle cap
- Various tapes (any kind will work)
- You will also need a pair of scissors

Step 2: Body Work

Step 1
- take the notecard and wrap it around the rock engine
- make shure it fits nice and snug, then tape the notecard so that it will stay that size
- tape the round notecard to the engine

Step 3: Body Work

Step 2
- Now take your other kind of tape and wrap it around the body of the rocket multiple times

Step 4:

Step 3
- Wrap tape around the top the body to make a snug fit for the cap
- put the cap on th top of the rocket... it should not be able to fall off

Step 5:

Step 4
- Now take your fins/wings and tape them to the body
- you can use how ever many fins you want to...
- you can also tape them to the body any way you like