Introduction: Homemade Rust Powder

Today I will be showing you how to make rust powder. I was just gonna use it for special effects. But rust powder can be used for multiple things. Rust is the chemical reaction between oxygen and iron, of course if the air is not damp or the iron has a protective coating the reaction will not work. So by creating a salt solution it will increase the rate of rusting. Thanks for viewing this instructable and please leave a comment and subscribe !

Step 1: Materials

1. Rubber Band

2. Coffee filter

3. Container for water to filter into (I used cut water bottle)

4. Salt

5. Metal bits (iron is best, but non stainless steel works too)

6. Glass bottle or something for iron to rust in

7. Sheet of paper

8. Funnel

9. Glass bottle to hold rust in

Step 2: Rusting

Take your glass bottle and fill it with water. Now pour a small amount of salt into the bottle. Dump your metal bits into the bottle and let it rust for a week. Eventually your solution will look like the picture above. Continue to next step

Step 3: Filtering

Put the coffee filter on top of your container and secure it with the rubber band. Now take your salt solution that has rust in it and pour it onto the coffee filter, allow it to drain and then fill again. Eventually you will run out of water to filter. Continue to next step.

Step 4: Transferring

Now take your funnel and put it in the bottle with your metal bits. Pour your salt solution into the bottle for the next batch and tuck it away for another week. now take the rust from the filter and dump it into the paper and pour it into the bottle that should contain your rust, and cover it. Now you have your own homemade rust setup, I really hoped you enjoyed and please leave a comment and subscribe !