Homemade Satellite TV Antenna

Introduction: Homemade Satellite TV Antenna

A Homemade Satellite TV Antenna.This tv satellite is very simple to make.we can use our homemade items to build it.

materials to build

  1. Foil paper or foil tape
  2. pepsi tin
  3. Cable wire
  4. a reciever

this project only needs 4 items that can be seen in homes.Lets make it

Step 1: Cut the Pepsi Tin

  1. Cut the two sides of the pepsi tin

Step 2: Cut It As Shown in the Photo

Step 3: Now Pin a Hole in the Pepsi Tin

  1. take a Utillity knife
  2. pin a hole in the pepsi tin
  3. Insert the cable fire to it
  4. take the Coaxial Wire out of the tin
  5. Solder the Coaxial wire to the tin

Step 4: Before Inserting the Cable Fire

Before inserting the cable fire select the best cable wire that has the best coaxial wire.Cheap coaxial wire has only minimum coax.Better coax wire has minimum braid and aluminium foil.Best coax wire has thick braid.

Step 5: Make the Satellite

Here's how to make the satellite.Follow the steps:-

  1. take the foil paper or foil tape
  2. cut it in a pizza shape
  3. paste the foil paper or foil tape on a circular shape.paste it to a circle cardboard.

Step 6: Give It a Good Look

Step 7: Inside of the Tin

Step 8: Steps to Connect Your Homemade Satellite

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    4 months ago

    It would work well as a wifi signal booster when connected to a router but it would definitely not pickup good frequencies without the low noise block converter.


    1 year ago on Step 8

    I got to this from a Question on Home made Prime Focus satellite DISH.
    What you have attempted here is a non workable version of an LNB (Low Noise Converter Block. That is the item that sits in front of the satellite dish and converts the frequencies to a frequency suitable for the Satellite Receiver. While it may reflect back the signal to the receiver, it will be able to do nothing with it. LND's come in various main Frequencies, in Europe for KU band we have 10 ad 9,6 and anoother im not sure of for KA band and there is yet another more familiar in US for C band. But the wiring diagrams are correct and give a nice intro to School going kids bearing that this in impracticle in R/L


    4 years ago

    that's a parabolic reflector. A satellite is a thing in orbit around the earth that transmits signals down. i doubt however this antenna can receive satellite signals, it may make a good directional focused antenna tho


    4 years ago

    That's a neat way to reuse materials :)