Introduction: Homemade Snowglobe Card

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This Make-Your-Own-Snowglobe card has a little twist - it is re-animating something you might see every morning! :)

Step 1: Make the Snowglobe Base

First, let's talk about the base of the snowglobe. It's made with the word window punch and Basic Black Cardstock.

To make the base, you need to get creative with the punch.

The bottom of the base is just a regular punched piece with this punch.

The second level - the shorter one - you have to modify a little.

The height of a punched word window is about 3/8".

So cut a longish strip of Basic Black cardstock that is 3/8" wide.

Feed one end into the punch and punch what will become the left side of your snowglobe base, leaving the right side squared off.

Then take the small piece you've punched and insert it into your punch from the opening, line it up and make it the length you want your finished piece to be, make sure it's level, and punch - it will round off the right hand side of your snowglobe base perfectly.

My top level is maybe a little less than 1/2" shorter than the standard word window length.

When that is done, use mini glue dots to attach it to.. ?

What is that? Look at the fabby texture, the nice warm kraft color. How much did THAT cost? It must be some crazy new accessory that's all the rage. Better go to the next step!

Step 2: It's A...

Coffee sleeve!! How cool is that??

Put mini glue dots on the smooth side, and attach the snowglobe base pieces to the corrugated side with more mini glue dots.

Step 3: Make the Globe

To make the snowglobe part, I just stamped the little snowman in black, and watercolored him with reinkers from dye based ink pads and my blender pen. Then I punched him out with my 1 3/8" circle punch.

I carefully covered the little circle with a dimensional glaze, and then gingerly sprinkled just a little bit of glitter over it.

Set it aside to harden - and really leave it alone. I hate waiting. But you need to. Do as I say, not as I do.

Attach him to the coffee sleeve with foam pop dots.

Step 4: Finish the Card

I added a chocolate colored rub on to white cardstock, and attached my homemade snowglobe panel above it.

Hope it warms your heart!!

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