Introduction: Homemade Soldering Fume Extractor Station

The purpose of this instructable is to build a fume extractor that you could solder in. This station allows you to solder in it safely while keeping toxic fumes out of your face. This is only meant to protect you, but you should still be soldering in a well ventilated area and be sure to take the safety precautions that you would soldering. Do not use this inside unless you are using a hepa filter.
And this is my first instructable so I hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment and i would like to hear from you if you built one.

Step 1: Materials

You will need...
A cardboard box that you can has plenty of space so that you have enough room for soldering
A layer of sheet metal that will be your platform and it will keep the table safe
A 120v fan that is bigger than 6 inches in diameter or a 12v fan of similar size
A small area of space on a table that wont burn
And the basic soldering tools
Screws with washers and nuts of the same diameter
A knife capable of cutting cardboard easily
A power strip with an on/off switch and at least 3 outlets
(optional) Some alligator clips and solid copper wire
(optional) An air filter that could collect the fumes
(optional) A lightbulb and power source for it

Step 2: Cutting the Box

In this step, you will cut a hole in your box with your knife/blade. Make sure that the hole fits your fan so that half of your fan can fit in this hole. Be sure to leave space for the mounting holes of your fan so that you can screw your fan on. Also, cut out the side opposite to your fan hole and the side that will be the bottom of your soldering station.

Step 3: Make the Mounting Holes

In this step you will make holes that would allow your fan to be screwed onto the box.

Step 4: Attach Your Fan

What you will do is place the fan on the box with the mounting holes lined up with the holes you made. Be sure to test the fan to make sure that the air is being sucked from the inside of the box.

Step 5: Make the Bottom Side

Now, you will put the sheet metal on top of the table and then put the fume extractor on top of the sheet metal.

Step 6: Add Your Old Soldering Basics

In this step you will simply put your soldering iron and stand inside the box touching the side wall. You could also clamp your soldering station to the table with part of the sheet metal under your station to keep it in place.

Step 7: The Air Filter (Optional)

Now you will attach your air filter to the fan. It is best to put the filter in another box attached to the back of the soldering station box. and cut another hole for the fan and put the hepa filter in the second box so it fits snug.

Step 8: Add Helping Hands (Optional)

Solder your solid copper wire to your alligator clips then make a loop for your screw to attach to the wire. Then make a hole for this screw and use washers to protect the box and then screw the nut onto the screw. Then repeat as many times as you want to.

Step 9: (Optional) the Light

Solder on your light to the power source. Then with the reflective side up (if you have one) Make a hole to put the light in and then glue the lightbulb in.

Step 10: Power It All Up

Using your power strip attach your power strip to the outside of the back of the box and plug in everything.

Step 11: FINISHED!

You're done! Just turn the switch of your power strip on and your whole system is on.