Introduction: Homemade Speaker Electronics

Ever wanted to build your own cheap, nevertheless valuable and good sounding Speakers.This Instructable is going to give you a simple overview of the electronic basics for a Boombox. The setup can be integrated into a wide variety of cases, that can be individually customized. You can apply it for petty much anything you can imagine: wood cases, ammo cans, cardboard boxes, furniture,...

The electronics are about 60$ in total and can be completed in a few hours.


  • 3.5mm AUX Input
  • FM Radio
  • SD/MMC Input
  • USB Input
  • USB Phone Charging
  • Equalizer
  • Remote Control

Step 1: Everything You Need

Most of the materials for this project can be purchased online or your local electronics dealership. For my own project I have purchased these goods, which I can absolutely recommend to you.

Step 2: AMP Power Supply

I wanted to incorporate my speakers into a nice case, that's why I tossed away the cord, the amplifier got shipped with, and made a new one, that can be plugged out. This gives you the advantage to plug everything out and stow it inside the box. Of course you can also skip this step and use the original one.

The new cord can be finished in a few easy steps.

  • Disassemble the PC power supply

All you need is the Power Socket and the PC Power Cord

  • Cut the wires from the socket
  • Cut the wire from your 12V power adapter
  • Solder up the socket and the cord

The new cord is the new power source for the Amplifier.

The green wire is the grounding, If you integrate your speakers into a metal case, or anything else, that is conducting, or where you can come in contact with any live parts, you have to make a connection to the outside of your case, to provide a safe derivation.

The AMP is the only thing that requires charging in this setup.

Step 3: Connect Everything

Now you just plug in the new power cord into the AMP, connect the speaker wires with the Speakers and the AMP.

Step 4: 3.5mm Aux Input

To get a nice Audio Input for your case, you just need to cut the 3.5mm to RCA cord. It will expose two smaller isolated wires and two bare, thin, copper wires. You twist the bare wires together and solder them up with the middle contact of your mount. The other two wires are soldered up with the right and the left contact of the mount.

Last but not least you just connect the RCA ports.

Step 5: Your Turn

The electronics are completely finished now and it is up to you to integrate them into a nice case. I built a nice wooden case for mine however you can also integrate them for instance in some furniture, like a desk or wardrobe.

The creative part is now completely up to you.