Introduction: Homemade Spin Art Machine

Spin Art Machines have been around for a while and I have seen them at craft shows for years.

You could buy a Spin Art machine for anywhere from $12 to $282 depending on the size and quality of the machine.

If you have a spare box fan and some card board, you can make your own at home for pennies on the dollar!

Step 1: Acquire Supplies

1. Box Fan - any size (16", 20", etc) :

2. Corrugated Cardboard - I used the cardboard from a Husky air compressor cardboard box. Should be stiff

3. Chipboard - The size of the chipboard sheets depends on the size of the cardboard base cutout above. Use small chipboard sheets from Michaels or other craft store.

4. Push pins - Holds the chip board during spinning to the cardboard

5. Acrylic Paint

6. Mustard and / or Plastic Ketchup Bottles - Used to squirt paint onto spinning canvas (

7. Small screws - for attaching cardboard base to fan

8. Phillips screwdriver or Drill with phillips drill bit

9. Large cardboard box - to catch overspray

Step 2: Remove Front and Back Fan Grills

Remove the front and back fan grills using a small phillips screwdriver and discard into trash.

Step 3: Cut Fan Blades

Using a dremel or other similar tool, slice existing fan blades from unit. Discard blades into trash. It's ok if you have a little excess "stump" from the blades.

Step 4: Cut 8" X 8" Cardboard Base

Using corrugated cardboard, cut approximately 8" x 8" and ensure it fits on top of white, circular disc in fan.

Step 5: Attach Cardboard Base to Fan

Using at least 4 small metal screws, attach cardboard base to fan. If screws are too long and fan does not spin, then you need to use smaller screws. You may have to use trial / error here. I noticed that in some spots, I could not drill into because it prevented the fan from spinning. Back out screw and try a new location.

Step 6: Test Machine!