Introduction: Homemade Steadicam

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A device to stabilize the camera during shooting is called a Steadicam. He came up with willows US in the last century. Since then there have been numerous modifications of the original device. Most modern devices are equipped with high-tech controllers and servo position. Thanks to modern electronics - professional stabilization device allows you to capture images in the most extreme conditions. Most movies are filmed using professional regulators of different designs. Our country has long been sold stabilizers of different classes, from the cheapest to the electronic and mechanical. The cost of these devices to separate from a few hundred rubles to tens of thousands.

The most primitive device is a dual-axis stabilization of the suspension, which removes the so-called "littered the horizon" and increases the inertia of the moving camera. This means that the camera will always be in a horizontal position, and with a sharp deviation to the right or to the left, it will move smoothly increasing speed, without jerks. To make such a Steadicam, I used the materials at hand.

As the pen I used a scraper for the car window. Erase your own scraper, I got a comfortable handle. Importantly, the handle is designed for secure grip even when wearing gloves. Very soft and comfortable in the hand. To secure the holder longitudinal axis of rotation, I drilled at an angle of 30 degrees in the hole in the top of the handle of the scraper, then poured stiffener arm and a screw epoxy. The holder has a longitudinal axis of the hole in the center for rigid attachment to the handle and 3mm holes for mounting screws M3. Inside of the installed ring. Bronze sleeve has a 7mm hole to install a vertical axis. The ring and the sleeve are fastened with screws M3. To prevent the unwinding of all the compounds covered by epoxy. The base set of action-camera was glued to the brass washer from the hole. The hole has a M6 thread, screwed into which the vertical axis. Loads were made of steel. To hide the thread of the vertical axis, it was dressed and seated spring heat shrink tubing black. Weight and quantity of goods is chosen in such a way that their total weight was at least two times greater than the weight of the camera itself. For a more compact placing in the pocket, Steadicam disassembled into its component parts.

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