Introduction: Homemade Storage Assistant

The product involves a box support base that contains the plastic bag and the food that is put in. Extending from this box are 2 stick type objects that each have a clip at its end. The idea is the top of the plastic bag will be attached to the top of the sticks via the clips and held open wide. The bottom of the bag will be stable by resting in the box. Now, when food is introduced to the bag, the top of the bag cannot cave in or fall over, thus avoiding unnecessary messes. Our product provides the plastic bag a sense of structure while it is being filled, however the bag still has its flexible structure when you need to store it.

Advantages to the Homemade Storage Assistant

  • makes filling storage bags easy
  • uses materials you already own
  • easy assembly and disassembly
  • saves time during storage process

Step 1: Gather the Materials

  • 1 cardboard box 10 x 18 x 7.5 centimeters in dimension

  • 2 -12 inch rulers

  • 1 plastic storage bag

  • 2 food clips

  • packing tape

Step 2: Tape the Supports to the Base

Using about a 10 centimeter piece of packing tape, tape the rulers on the inside of the long side of the box, approximately in the middle and parallel to each other. Make sure the bottom edge of the rulers are flush with the bottom of the box.

Step 3: Insert the Storage Bag

Next, open the plastic bag and set the bottom of the bag in the box base.

Step 4: Use Clips to Hold Bag

Holding up the sides of the bag, use the clips to secure the bag top to the rulers. Make sure the the clips hold the bag tightly so it does not slip when being filled.

Step 5: Using the Product

Finally, use your food bag stand to assist in the storage of foods, especially liquids.

As seen in the attached video, filling storage bags can be done easily by yourself with only one hand. You now should be able to fill plastic storage bags with food or liquids and avoid unnecessary messes. Liquids should not get spilled and food storage should go smoother and quicker. This food bag holder functions as an assistant to give you essential help, making it more efficient to collect foods in the kitchen and decreasing redundant trouble.

Step 6: Product Notes

The length of the rulers and size of the box depend on the size of the plastic storage bag that is being filled.

For example, if a gallon size bag needed to be filled, the 12-inch rulers would still be fine, however a larger box would be needed to contain the bag otherwise the filling process may not be so easy.

If a smaller bag needed to be filled, shorter rulers may make the filling process easier as the rulers would be closer to the height of the smaller plastic bag.

Step 7: Troubleshooting

Replace broken clips with a variety of household items to ensure the bag can be held upright.

Bag tears can occur, so replacing the bag can simply be done by removing the clips and placing a new, durable storage bag in place.

If the food or liquid is too heavy, the supports may not hold the weight, so be mindful of how much leftover food you place in the bag and use strong supports.

Duct tape may be a good adhesive to hold the supports to the inside of the box more effectively.