Introduction: Homemade Super Soaker Water Blaster

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I decided to have a go at building my own super soaker water gun, having googled a fair bit I found out how they worked and built my own out of scrap stuff I already had.

Step 1: What You Need

You will need the following things

The Pump from my other instructable ( )

Some PVC Pipe

2lt Coke bottle with lid

a 250ml Water bottle with lid

Some balloons

copper tubing

5mm Clear pipe

5mm Black soft pipe

5mm Hose couplers and T-pieces

some scrap wood

a disposable pen

A ton of hot glue

a drill

a utility knife

a hacksaw

cable ties

Step 2: Constant Pressure System

Having made your pump from my other instructable ( ) you’re not ready to start building the other parts of the super soaker.

Newer super soakers have something call a Constant Pressure System (CPS) now all this actually is, is a rubber bladder in a casing in the shape of a balloon so here’s what you do.

Get a water bottle; I had one with a sports cap, so I drilled through the middle so the water would flow easier.

now take 2 balloons, blow in to one a little just to open it up a bit, then roll the other one up length ways a push it inside the other balloon, you may need a pencil for this. Why are we doing this? well one balloon doesn’t squeeze enough water to give a decent flow but 2 does, when they are together try blowing them up, its much harder which is good as it will give us a good squeeze when we want to release the water.

Now slip the ends of the balloons over the sports cap and hot glue them in place, make sure you make this water tight.

cut a small length of 5mm clear hose and push this through the cap where we drilled the hole  so it goes just inside the balloons and sticks out the cap and hot glue that so its water tight.

drill a few small holes in the bottom of the bottle, this will allow the air to come out of the bottle when the balloons inflate but it wont allow the balloons to squeeze out the holes.

Push the balloons in side the bottle and push the cap up to the neck and hot glue this so it is nice solid you don’t want this to blow out with pressure.

You now have your pressure chamber. You will be able to pump up to 250ml (or just under) in to this chamber at high pressure because the walls of the bottle will hold a lot of the pressure so the balloons will not burst.

Step 3: The Water Tank

Take your 2lt coke bottle and take the cap off, drill 2 holes in the cap so your copper pipe will fit through.

cut a short piece of copper pipe and push it half way trough one of the holes in the cap

now you need to bend your copper pipe (I had a pipe bender) so you have a 90 degree angle, then cut your pipe about 5cm higher than the top of the bottle when its laying down this will be your air intake so it needs to be above the water level. And push this through the other hole.

Hot glue these in place.

Make up a one way valve like you did for the pump before, I stuck the water cap to the top of mine to stop dirt getting in it. The valve needs to let air in but not let water out. you have to have an air inlet otherwise your bottle will collapse which will make lots of noise and you may not want to be heard when creeping about ready to jump out on someone and soak them. :-)

then hot glue this to the top of your air inlet pipe making it air tight.

Now cut 2 short lengths of 5mm pipe, one will go inside the bottle from the copper pipe so it needs to be long enough to touch the bottom of the bottle. The other will go to the pump inlet so make it about 10cm long. Best make it too long than too short.

Using a glass of hot water hold the hose in the water until it becomes soft then pushes them on to the copper pipe.

Now screw the cap to the bottle and you have your water tank ready.

Step 4: Plumb in the Pressure Chamber

Cut a small length of 5mm hose about 8cm long and slide it over the outlet of your Pump, slide a T-Piece on the other end.

cut a piece of pipe that will hold your pressure chamber, cut out a notch big enough to fit the nozzle of the bottle in and then at the base of that cut a length wide enough for the hose, this will allow you to push the hose up and connect the pressure chamber later.

Now hot glue this to the outlet end of the pump with the cut section facing upwards.

Opposite the pump outlet connect the T-piece to the pressure chamber and a length of hose to the remaining connector; this will go to the trigger.

Now hot glue the neck of the pressure chamber in the support pipe

Step 5: Making the Barrel

Get a short length of PVC pipe about 25mm in diameter and about a foot long.

Cut a circle of wood that will fit inside the end of the pipe and drill a hole large enough for the hose to just pass through. Hot glue this in the end of the pipe.

Take the end off the disposable pen, or if yours doesn’t screw off, cut it off.

put a tiny bit of hot glue on the inside edge and push some 5mm clear hose (about 2ft long) in to it (in the pictures its the black tube I am using but I changed that out because it collapsed when it got bent and restricted the water flow)

push the hose through the hole in the wooden disc in the end of the pipe until the end of the pen is flush against it, then hot glue it in place taking care to make sure its straight.

Step 6: Fixing the Water Tank in Place

cut a piece of pipe higher than the inlet of the pump

cut a dip in to it so it fits over the pressure chamber support

now cut a square out of it so the coke bottle cap fits in to it.

on the opposite side of the pipe cut a notch out so the copper pipes can stick out

now hot glue the cap in place making sure its fairly level.

Cut the 5mm hose so it’s short enough to go from the cap to the inlet on the pump with out bending more than is needed, then connect it to the pump

now hot glue the tank stand to the pressure chamber support.

Step 7: Creating the Trigger

The trigger is a bulldog clip which will pinch the pipe and stop water flow; this has to be a fairly strong clip.

Push short length of copper pipe in to the hole on one of the handles of the clip and hot glue it in place on both sides.

On the copper pipe side of the clip cut the wings of the clip down as we don’t need them too long.

On the other side bend the wings up as we will be using these to secure the trigger to the body of the pump.

Now you need 2 cable ties one for the front edge one on the back thumb/finger lever, put these round the body and hot glue the whole lot in place.

Now loop the 5mm clear hose from the pressure chamber round the pump near the trigger and hot glue in place.

now take your soft pipe and clip it so its split then push it over the clear pipe and using a mini cable tie secure it in place and hot glue it so its water tight.

Feed the soft tube through the bulldog clip above the spring and through the front of the clip.

Step 8: Mounting and Adding the Barrel

Cut a short bit of PVC pipe and put a dip in it like before to fit the pump body, then on the top cut out 2 notches the same width as the barrel.

Drill 2 holes in the side for the cable tie to secure the barrel, then slide the barrel in to the notches and tighten the cable tie, hot glue the barrel in place.

At the bottom of the PVC pipe drill another 2 holes for more cable ties, and attach it to the pump. Again hot glue it in place.

Bend the hose from the barrel so that it heads under and towards the trigger and hot glue that in place.

cable tie the soft tube to the hose the same way as before and hot glue, making sure the soft tube is straight inline with the clip so when the trigger is pulled it doesn’t come out.

Step 9: The Hand Grips

cut a piece of PVC so your hand fits in it with room to spare , with 2 x 45 degree angles

this is complicated to describe but cut out a square from the top of the pipe wide enough so the handle of the bulldog clip will fit.

Now in the middle of that cut a long notch wide enough for the copper pipe to pass through.

On the other side of the pipe cut a notch out so the pipe from the back of the trigger won’t get trapped.

Then drill 2 holes through and put some cable ties through and attach to the pump so the handle of the bulldog clip is inside the pipe.

Hot glue the pipe to the pump

Step 10: Water Tank Support

We have to add additionally support the water tank otherwise it will rip off the stand with the weight of the water.

Cut a section of pipe with 2 x 45 degree angles again, this one will fit between the bottle and the pressure chamber mount.

cut a notch out for the cap of the pressure chamber to fit in

drill a hole through the top on both sides big enough for some of the soft pipe to fit through

loop some soft pipe over the bottle and trough the holes in the support and hot glue in place, this will act as a belt to stop the bottle jumping about if your running.

Now hot glue it in place on the pressure chamber support.

Cut a short section of pipe slightly larger than your hand, this will become the hand grip on the pump handle.

Cut some grooves in the pipe on both sides this will give you extra grip if you have wet hands.

Cut 2 discs out of scrap wood the same diameter as the inside of the pipe, drill a hole through each one slightly larger than the handle of the pump.

Hot glue the discs in each end of the pipe and then slide over the pump handle and hot glue it to the grip.

That’s it you’re done, it’s a working super soaker, you will need to check it for leaks but other than that it’s ready to go!

you could stick some thin plastic or ply to the sides to cover up the workings and make it look more like a gun, maybe spray paint it black would look cool.