Homemade Table Castle

Introduction: Homemade Table Castle

Growing up, my three siblings and I, all loved camping trips. The act of setting up the tent and having our own little house was very exciting to us. With that said, camping trips didn't occur as often as we liked so we decided to camp inside the house. The four of us would decide once a week to turn the dining area into a camping site and build our own little kingdom underneath the dining table!

This is the guide to building the ultimate table castle!


1. A large dining table.

2. At least five blankets (the more - the merrier!)

3. Four to Six Chairs

4. Four flashlights

5. Toys

6. Small mattresses (Optional)

Step 1: Step 1: "Building the Walls"

1. Pull all the chairs back from the dining table.

2. If possible, open the table to It's largest size

3. Spread the blankets, as many as needed, from one side of the table to the other so both sides of the blanket touch the floor, if the blanket isn't long enough - use two. One side on the floor and the other as far as possible towards the floor on the other side.

Step 2: Step 2: "Positioning the Guards"

1. Remember the chairs we pulled back from the table ? Great. Spread them around the table with equal distance from one another.

2. Choose one of two options:

- Spread a blanket over each chair - The now "Ghost" looking chairs are the guards of your kingdom!

- Pick a scary looking or power possessing toy. Position them on each chair - They will serve as your kingdom's guards!

Step 3: Step 3: "Designing the Castle"

1. Position a small mattress/es beneath the dining table. If you don't have a small mattress available - spread 2/3 blankets, one on top of the other, beneath the table.

2. Position each of the four flashlights at the four corners of the of the castle and turn them on! Now you have light in your castle, make sure to point them towards the middle of the castle.

3. Spread out toys inside the castle!

Step 4: Step 4: "Rule Your Kingdom"

Now you can finally rule over the kingdom you've built!

Be a kind ruler!

Have fun!

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    3 years ago

    Is that 'Kasteel de Haar' on the first picture?
    Fun for kids indeed!