Homemade Thermal Machine

Introduction: Homemade Thermal Machine

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make a simple, fun and cool looking thermal machine with everyday objects.

After following a few steps, everything you have to do is watch as the power of science amazes you.

Kids, don't forget the adult supervision while making this experiment!

Step 1: Have the Following Objects:

Step 2: Pierce the Can to Make a Tiny Hole and Spill the Liquid in the Empty Recipient

It's recommendable to use the needle.

Step 3: Make Two Other Holes Equidistant to the First One and About the Same Height, Too

Try using the dark circles in the image above as guides to know where to pierce the can.

Step 4: Submerge the Can in the Recipient Containing Water

Step 5: Gather the Candles Over a Plate and Light Them Using the Lighter

Step 6: Tie the Thread to the Top of the Can and Hang It Over the Lit Candles

Step 7: Let the Magic of Science Begin

After a while, the water inside the can will boil and turn into steam.

This steam, under high pressure, will exit the can through the three previously done holes, and thanks to the fact that there are three equidistant holes for it to use as a escape route, the fulminating steam will cause the hanging can to start spinning. This process is similar to that of steam engines, only simpler.

Step 8: If You're Still Having Trouble, Watch a Video Showing the Experiment

Watch the video by clicking here

This experiment has been done by the following high school students of the brazilian school Colégio Marista de Brasília:

Pedro Soares

Matheus Pohl

Caíque Sales

Gustavo Alves

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very interesting! There have been a bunch of these lately. Seems like a great project!