Introduction: Homemade Vanilla Sugar

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It´s time to make your own vanilla sugar! This is a great gift for someone or just for your own pantry. I have come to the conclusion that homemade vanilla sugar tastes better than the store bought and it´s both not costly nor time consuming. In this instructable I´ll explain how to make Homemade Vanilla Sugar.

Step 1: What You Need

Here is what you need:

- sugar

- vanilla pod

- a jar

- a knife

- a cutting board

Step 2: Vanilla

Wash the jar thouroughly and dry it.

Cut open the vanilla and put the inner black points into the jar. To extract these you cut open the vanilla pod and use the knife to scrape it out. Don´t throw the scraped vanilla pod away.

I used one vanilla pod for 250g/ 1 1/4 cups of sugar.

Step 3: Sugar

Add the sugar to the jar. Put the leftover scraped vanilla pods into the jar. Now shake it for a minute and let it sit for a day and then shake it again.

Now you can use the vanilla sugar. If you encounter a scraped vanilla pod when you want to get vanilla sugar out of the jar don´t use it to bake but put it back into the sugar.

There you go - Homemade Vanilla Sugar-