Introduction: Homemade Veiners

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Using a veiner is the easiest way to create life like leaves and petals. Veiners are made from food grade silicone and are available in single and double sided forms. There are awesome varieties of leaf and petal veiners available. If you search on internet you will find many manufacturers of veiners.

Silicone veiners add texture to petals and leaves depending on the specific veiner. They can be a little higher on cost depending on what style you need.Won't you love it if you could make homemade veiners. It is rather cheaper to make your own veiners than buying ready made ones. Also you have the flexibility to choose the size and patterns of your choice.

I would like to share two methods of making your own veiners. Silicon Veiners Clay Veiners with Corn Husk

Materials Used:-

For Silicon Veiners

For Clay Veiners with Corn Husk

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Step 1:

Get your things ready.You can use a leaf or petal that has very defined veins.Or to make it simple you can use artificial leaf or artificial silk flower petals.

Step 2:

Carefully remove the required amount of silicon.

The Silicon would be very sticky.So use cornflour to knead it. Take some cornflour and mix it with the silicon.

Step 3:

Knead it untill it forms a smooth lump.

Step 4:

Add a drop of paint at this stage.Add little bit of baby oil to knead, so that it doesn't stick to you fingers.

Step 5:

Roll it out.

Step 6:

Place the leaf/ Petal, vein side down, on top of your rolled silicon.

Press firmly and see to it that all the details of the leaf//petal are captured, but also take care that you don't push too deep and make the base weak.

Step 7:

Allow it to set for around 15 to 20 minutes.Once dried, remove the leaf//petal.Your veiner is ready to be used.

Step 8:

Clay Veiners with Corn Husk

Corn husks are one of my favorite ways to add veins to leaves and flowers.They are just easy to find.

Step 9:

Shape up your clay.Here I've used Home Made Clay.

Step 10:

Take the piece of husk and put it on top of the clay.

Step 11:

Press down firmly to capture all the details of the husk.

Step 12: you go....your veiner is ready!!!