Homemade Watermelon Ice Cream

Introduction: Homemade Watermelon Ice Cream

I think watermelon is one of the the most versatile and gorgeous fruits. It's so good when ripe and just screams summer is here. I always heard my mom and grandmother talk about how they'd go to the corner store growing up and get a homemade honeydew ice cream that was to die for. We had just purchased a huge watermelon with plenty leftover and I thought back to those conversations. It hit me, why not try a watermelon ice cream! It was delicious. I not only wanted to taste like heavenly watermelon, but it had to look the part. Here's what I came up with.



1 C Watermelon

2 C Heavy Whipping Cream

14 oz. condensed milk

1 oz. mini chocolate chips (optional)


Standing Mixer

Whisk Attachment

Step 1: Ice Cream Base

Start off by whipping the heavy cream until it reaches stiff peaks.

Now you need to turn the watermelon into juice. You can blend it, or even use a food processor.

Next, add the watermelon juice and condensed milk into the whipped cream while mixing on low.

Step 2: Coloring

Split the ice cream into 3 different bowls. I didn't split them up equally, I did a small amount, and two larger amounts.

The smaller bowl of ice cream will be left as is, just cover the bowl and place into the freezer.

Color the two larger bowls with food color, one pink and one green. Keep separate, cover and freeze. Allow all of the bases to freeze for 2 hours so they are still manageable.

Step 3: Scream for Ice Cream!

Next we're going to combine all of the ice cream to make that fun watermelon look.

In a large bowl, place all of the screen ice cream and push to one side. Next add the smaller bowl that was left un colored, and then lastly the add the pink ice cream. If you'd like you can mix in mini chocolate chips with the pink ice cream before adding it to the others.

Freeze for 4 hours or until ready to serve!

This is such a refreshing ice cream. I hope you all give it a try and enjoy.

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    3 years ago

    This is super cute and I bet it's delish :)


    3 years ago

    This looks tasty and refreshing! : )