Introduction: Homemade Wind Turbine Breathing Apparatus

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i take 1 pvc pipe 21cm diameter.

and usiga saw i cut the shape o a triangular,

i repeat this 2 times. andi have 3 blades for my wind turbine.

the blades are 110 cm long.


the main part of this project is the compressor,

i recycle it from an old car.

this is a air conditioner compressor from an old ford car.

just for curiosity i took apart the back cover to see the pistons moving!

Step 2: Making the Base for the Blades

the pvc bleades need a base to bo mounted:

so i took an old kitchen pan.

i cut away the bottom from it.

i trace 3 lines.

marked 7 dots using a permanente marker,

drill holes in the dots.

Step 3: Connect the Blades to the Compressor

the kitchen pan bottom is welded in place on the shaft of the compressor.

make sure that everything spins freely and staight.

Step 4: The Mask

a full face mask "you can find one here" :

i decided to use one of this mask because haves 3 valved inside.

this means that i dont need a pressure regulator. all the pressure that is in exeed can go out from the bottom valve.

firs mod to the mask ir replace the snorkel uscig a brass 1/2" connector

insert the connector in the top part of the the connection and close air leaks using pvc glue.

i took a 50ft long orange gas tube.

Step 5: The Tube

15meters 50ft long tube is connected to the mask to one side.

the other side goes to the compressor air compressed exit.

yes the compressor haves 2 holes.

from one will suck air.

from the other will push compressed air.

Step 6: The Structure.

i took 5 meters of steel and an old bed structure to make the structure of a crane.

i weld all the parts toghether,

and paint eveerything white to protect from rust.

this crane will work to hold the compressor and the blased at the right high,

Step 7: Assemble the Parts

a small catamaran boat is usead as a floating base.

i can install the crane in the top.

and the PVC blades.

ceck that everything works ok.

swim pulling the boat on the spot i decide to explore.