Introduction: Homemade Wood Kitchen Toy

My 4 years old little daughter is very addicted to cooking. She has a ton of toys like dishes, glasses and other stuff like that. She saw me while working with wood and she asked me: "Daddy, would you please make me a wood kitchen?????"

I leave you a guess of what was my answer!!

Step 1: Plan and Design

The whole Kitchen consists in one food storage, one fridge with freezer, a oven, a dishwasher, a sink and the breakfast bar. On the top, it is also present a shelf for "clean" dishes. I started to design the kitchen and draw it in CAD system, so I knew what I had to buy in store. Also, I searched in google for some oven hud in order to "print" it on wood with some Vinavil glue.

Step 2: Construction - Part.1

Once all stuff was in my laboratory I started the job. Additionally I used cordless screwdriver, jigsaw, sander, screws, hinges, bolts, handles, little chain. I started from the front of the oven by making a hole for the "fake thermal resistant" glass (actually clear polycarbonate plastic). I created the sink by making 4 holes and cutting them as a rectangular shape.

Step 3: Construction - Part.2

In parallel, I took the 120x30 wood in order to create the side part of the structure and assemble it with the other pieces. After that, me (and my daughter) started to assemble them all.

Step 4: Construction - Part.3

The last part of the job was about finishing, polish and solving all the little issues encountered in the construction.

Step 5: Finish

And finally, after picking a splash guard, the tap, breakfast bar and all the other accessories, here's Chiara's little kitchen!!

Step 6: Upgrade 1.1

I've just added one strip led. This will make better view of the "work environment". There is also a switch to open and close the light when it is not necessary.

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