Introduction: Homemade Wooden Skateboard!

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Step 1: Materials!

- Wood! I used 2 feet of poplar maple half an inch thick, but you can experiment with different types and sizes. - Jigsaw - Pencil - Various grits of sandpaper - Skateboard trucks and wheels - Drill with many bits - Phillips Screwdriver - Pliers - Screw to sink the wood - Tape measure - Straight edge

Step 2: Wood and Designs

Now is where you take your wood and make your skateboard design. This is totally up to you! You can see a design I cut out. Take your pencil and draw out your design. Then take your jigsaw and cut it out. Note that the more intricate the design the more cutting you'll have to do!

Step 3: Marking the Trucks

Now you find a spot to attach your trucks to. I put them 2 1/2 inches down from the top. You need to make sure they are perfectly aligned so the ride will be straight. Take the trucks once you've found your spot and mark through the holes onto the wood. This is where you will drill your holes. Once the holes are marked take your drill and I used a 3/16" bit to drill the holes.

Step 4: Sinking the Screws

Here if you put your screws from the trucks in the holes you'll notice they don't go down all the way. This it because of the lip the screws have. So to fix this I took a 2" screw (with a similar lip) and drilled it into the holes and into another piece of wood (so it would catch) and sunk them in. Now your screws should fit level with the board.

Step 5: Attaching the Trucks!!

Now is where you attach the trucks to the board. Start by putting the screws all the way through and lining up the trucks. Note: You may have to play with it some to get it to fit. Once on attach the nuts to the threads of the screw and hand tighten. If everything looks good hold the nut with the wrench and screw the screws in deeper with the screwdriver

Step 6: Test Her Out!

Once it's all attached it's time to test it! Take it slow and make sure it supports your weight and rolls straight.

Step 7: Sanding (and Painting)

Now you'll want to give it a full sanding alllll over to get the wood nice and smooth. Here's where you could stain or paint the wood. My friends and I did some wood burning and that came out nice. After painting or what have you, you can attach grip tape if you wish and do any other modifications.

Step 8: Finished!

Now go show that bad boy off and you'll be the new cool cat on the block!