Homemade Airbrush Stand




Introduction: Homemade Airbrush Stand

For making this stand you will need
1.Copper wire (3-4 mm in diameter) thicker is better,
2.appropriate plastic hose (or heat shrinkable tubing)
3.alu pipe 20 mm die (14 mm inside dia.)
4. Bolt 8 or 10 mm
5. 4 nut and 4 washers for the bolt you purchase
6. for base you can use 50 CD/DVD spindle or 12mm anchor and screw depends what type of base you choose

Step 1: Holders, and Shaft

Insert wire in hose. Than split wire in half.
Make the hose longer than wire; you don't want to end with scratched airbrush.
Make a loop in the middle of wire and than shape rest of the wire as seen on picture.
Loop in the middle of wire will be used to insert shaft (bolt), to hold both airbrushes.
Then hammer one side of alum tube until its flat.
In flatten part drill hole bigger than bolt you bought.
Use bolts and nuts to hold both holders.
I used isolation tape to cover aluminum - that way airbrush won't rub over aluminum.
All aluminum parts cut and  file (ends can be sharp) so use Dremel to shape and file pipes an copper.

Step 2: Base

Stand is done.
You need to decide what type of base you need.
Use 50 CD/DVD spindle as a base. This base can be unstable, therefor I inseted  12 mm PVC anchor , that way stand can be bolted.

Step 3: Finished

Be carefull and first check which  type of base works for you.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea but why didn't you use stainless or galvanized steel instead of copper? I'd think the copper is too soft and would bend under the weight of the airbrush and hose? Especially the bottom fed with a bottle of paint attached.