Introduction: Homemade Bb Gun

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This is my bb gun. It is made from the magazine of my destroyed hand gun. It is very simple. This is my first instructable so rate it. Leave comment if you have any question . Let's start.

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:

1 Scissors

2 Tape (optional)

3 Pliers

4 Rubber band

5 Screw driver

6 Card board (optional)

Step 2: Breaking the Magazine

See the pics carefully. Break a handgun magazine with pliers and fit a bb inside. If the bb goes inside smoothly you can think you can skip this step.

Step 3: The Trigger

Open the magazine with your screwdriver. The magazine has two plastic parts. Take the right part and break a little at the end with pliers or melt it with your screw driver by burning it with a lighter. Do like the pic and then put back your spring and that black thingie and put it back screw it tight.

Step 4: The Stopper

Your black thingie will come off. To stop that put a rubber band tightly on the magazine that woud help.

Step 5: Shooting

Pull the black thingie and lock it to the trigger. Put your ammo inside and shoot.

Step 6: Ammo

You can use anything that fits inside smoothly. You can use bb. You can make homemade ammo by tin using tin foil. Make little balls of tin foil. Make sure that it fits inside.

Step 7: Modification

You can just make a grip for your gun with a piece of card and tape. If you like it please rate. And leave comment if you have any question. Thanks for reading.