Introduction: Homemade Drum Smoker

Update May 28, 2013: I'm working on a new temperature controller that runs on an Android phone.  You can see the project here:

I have built a new UDS with adjustable shelves that you can see here:

I made a drum smoker with a friend of mine who happens to be a very good cook.  In the past he's slaved for hours over a gas grill and smoker boxes trying to get his ribs just right but now it's much easier to cook them.

The smoker has a controller that spins up a fan to keep the temperature inside the smoker at the desired cook-point.  The controller is an Arduino running the standard PID software.  The hardest part for us was creating the charcoal basket.  I taught myself to weld (poorly) and made the basket out of expanded steel.

There are other Instructables on making a drum smoker (I based some of my construction on this one) so I'll just post my pictures.