Introduction: Homemade Orbital Rocket?

I recently seen on tv, The U.S. government has stated that anyone who could prove they could reach and maintain orbit would be allowed, ofcorse that comes with many stipulations.
Here is my ideas and attempts at building one.
Admittedly this is a work in progress but progressing.

Here I will open my project to you the public to help me to perfect it,watch as I build and hopefully you will get to view the test trials and also the maiden voiage.

In the first few steps I will show my plans,materials and reveal my intenssions for this project.
I will leave this iable open ended untill the project is compleate the downside is you wont get to build just yet but after compleation of this project you should be able to atleast duplicate my work if not improve upon it.
So come on all you Rocket scientist and millionaire's I need your help.

Step 1: Step1

I was browseing the web for some cool thing to call my next project I swooped by Mike Davis's web page where there is alot of cool stuff and was checking out his homebuilt jet engine and it reminded me of a drawing I had in my fileing cabinet from years ago when I was still in grade school. I dug a little and whiped it out and asked my girl friend if she want to see something cool, she replied yeah so I showed my drawing,she said what is that a new toilet invention.
I kinda giggled and said yeah. So after some hard thought planning I thought, "why not" and started to redraw my picture on windows paint, so I got my initial layout ready to post on i'ables, first here is picture of a model rocket I found online perhaps an ideal candidate for my fusilage design. ofcorse mine will have to be different,unique,personalized.

Step 2: Step2

ok so now we see the initial design, a liquid fueled ramjet rocket engine with o2 assist for upper atmosphere assistance. the fules I have chosen is "either" or starting fluid and "keyboarb cleaner"compressed air o2 for the accelorant and upper level assist.

now I was afraid at first to post this because of terrorist useing dirty weapons but because of its scale and the velocity of the fuel exiting the aerosol cans I dont think it is possible for it to actualy carry a dangerous payload.

here you will see all the devices I have planned for my orbital rocket

1st I describe the micro controler, a parallax BS2 homework board available in an education kit at Radio Shack for under -$100.

2nd I describe the calculator A TI86 z80 based programable graphing engineering calculator.avalible -wallmart$120 or a pawn shop under -$50.

3rd I describe the cellphone,maybe not everyone has one -under$100.

4th I describe the ignition system basicly a old flash cammera I modified into a "shocker" found here on i'ables and a automotive sparkplug

5th I describe the altimeter, accelorometer and FM Transmitter these are daughter boards available through for accessories to the microcontroller sometimes used in hobby r/c planes roughly $50each.

6th the parachute trigger will have to be homemade or found for sale.

7th the engine and gas valvebody ,maybe a commercialy avaliable gasvalve from marine R/V propane heat under$200 if not it will need be machined 2-$600 estimated.

8th fuelbase manifolds homemade or machined under $200 estimated.

9th fuel & air must be calculated around $6 per can.

engine actualy came from a memory drawing of an engine I seen in an 1950's encyclopedia
the rest is prety much parts from a bobot kit from parallax,cell phone and a calculator I hobby with writeing programs for.

the can manifold bases and decision on fuels was all my idea.

Step 3: Step3

My intenssions with this project,mostly to try to meet the challange. If I can pull it off I would like to possibly reach orbit and if it is still capable of further voiage perhaps aim it into the nearest whormwhole or mars either way I want to put a cell phone in space pass data back an forth and perhaps sample the sounds of the universe,take and transmit pictures,run manuveurs useing compressed air, call home and continuly replay the "can you hear me now" game that might spark some sponsership?.
I would love to put a bible onboard and take it to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. Now that is spreading the gospel.