Introduction: How to Make a Homemade Pocket Knife Sharpener #2

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Here is a picture of the finished sharpener ready to start sharpening small knives..

Step 1: Knife Holder Plans

Here is the illustration  plan i drew  for making the knife blade holder.

Step 2: Pocket Knive Blade Holder Fabrication

Pic#1  Shows  me milling   the 3/8 wide slots by  3/4 of a inch long.

pic #1,2,3   show the end slots  for  the 2 bearings  that  will roll on the end guide to keep the blade straight as it is rolled across the grinding wheel.

Pic#5,6,7  Show the 3 center bearing slots for the leveling of the blade holder as it passes down the  the guide.

Pic#8  Shows the clamp attached  to the holder with 3  8 x 32 x 1/2 in  screws

Step 3: Main Brackets and Supports Plan

Step 4: Main Bracket Fabrication

pic#1   Shows the (2) 1/2 inch diameter rods i drilled and tapped 1/4 x 20 x 1''  that will later be cut down to  1 1/2 inch long.

pic #2  & 3 show the drilling and cutting off of the (2)  height and support spacers

pic#4  Shows the (2) spacers installed and the support bracket welded between them.

pic #5 Shows the 14'' long  support rod for the slider bracket welded into place.

pic #6   shows the jack  support rod  for leveling the  14'' long support rod.

Step 5: Knife Slider Bracket Plan

Step 6: Slider Bracket Fabrication

Pic #1 &2  shows the milling of  all the surfaces  and the (2) slots so the bracket can slide towards the wheel for adjustments.

pic# 3 thru 7   Shows the slider bracket mounted in place ,  The adjustment bolt attached , The (2)  Spring assisted pins to hold tension on the slider bracket at all times, And the jack bolt attached and  leveled.

Step 7: Finding the Right Angle.

pic #1&2 Shows how i used a angle finder to get the  5 degrees i wanted for my pocket knife edge.

pic# 3&4  Shows the knife blade attached to the holder for both edges of the  blade to be sharpened..

Step 8: Video

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