Introduction: Homemade Tobacco Pipe (PART 2)

This Instructable is based on the Instructable 'Homemade tobacco pipe'. You are going to learn to seal and polish your pipe.

Step 1: What You Will Need...

You will need:

- Carnaubawax
- Wood stain (water based)
- 1 sponge
- 1 brush
- some water
- oneway gloves
- 2 soft cloth

Step 2: Adding the Wood Stain

The color of the wood stain influence the aspect of the final product. For this pipe I have chose cherrytree.

How it works...

... dissolve the wood stain powder in one half pint of hot water and allow solution to cool. Spread the solution thickly and evenly over the watered, ground and dust-free wood using a brush or sponge. After 2 min. remove superfluous stain with the brush or sponge. Allow the stained surface to dry thoroughly. Then brush it. Always make a test stain.

Step 3: Polish the Pipe...

Usually I use carnaubawax to polish the pipes. Spread the wax thinly and evenly over the wood using a soft cloth. You have to do it in direction of the grain. After that, take a dry and soft cloth and polish the wood.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Pipe...

You are done. Nice job. Relax and enjoy your pipe.

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