Introduction: Homemade Wax Seals Part 2

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How to make wax seals for invitations, gifts, or other stuff. Everything besides the seal wax is homemade from super easy to find stuff.

Step 1: Placement

Put a small mark where the seal will be. I made a big mark so you can see it.

Step 2: Paper Weight

Use something(s) to weigh down the envelope flap. We do not want hot wax getting under it.

Step 3: Hot Wax

Drip the hot wax onto your mark. When you get a blob the size of your thumbnail stop and blow out the candle.

Sorry about image quality
I don't pay my camera men enough

Step 4: Impress

Gently but firmly push your stamp into the wax. Wait about 10 seconds or until your sure the wax is cooled before you remove the stamp.

Such awful quality images!! blek!

Step 5: All Done

I only used a small amount of wax because I don't want to waste it.

This image is better because I took it and not my camera man
I fired him

ps: I'm working on a way to make homemade sealing wax. I think I've figured it out, keep your eyes open for an Instructable on that.